The European Brain Injury Consortium aims:

  • to establish close co-operation between European Neurotrauma Centers and investigators in the management of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other types of acute brain damage
  • to act as an advisory organ in both practical and theoretical issues concerning brain injury studies

The consortium includes many leading research centers from Europe. The consortium was founded in 1994 and formally established as a company with charitable status on August 4, 1995.

Since then EBIC has collaborated with pharmaceutical companies and research institutions in the development and management of important projects. Many clinical trials conducted in neurotrauma over the past 15 years have been designed in collaboration with / or coordinated by EBIC. EBIC closely collaborates with its American counterpart ABIC (American Brain Injury Consortium).

EBIC has produced guidelines for the management of TBI with the aim of harmonizing treatment across participating centers. Further a prospective survey of TBI was conducted, which yielded important results and publications. Plans are currently being made for a continued longitudinal survey among EBIC centers and EBIC is further extending its focus into Eastern Europe, and has recently welcomed many new members.

EBIC has developed a Center Survey Form in order to obtain an update on center characteristics and patient potential. This survey is available on this website and we kindly request existing EBIC centers to update their information and new members to submit their application by filling this form out online.

Membership of EBIC is open to all neurotrauma centers free of charge. Apply for membership by submitting the Center Survey Form.